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SPSS on Snow leopard

iTherapist 2009. 9. 18. 20:07
SPSS를 스노우레오파드에서 돌리는 방법 !


Thanks so much to you both, I got dbmacdon's solution to work
I'm a new mac user, so just let me quickly go over exactly what I did (as everything wants you to use complicated scripts etc and I also had never backed up my laptop) so that other amateurs can figure this out

First I downloaded the java1.5.0 from this site-
That's a direct download link btw.

I then double clicked on it to unpack it, found the 'Java 5.0' folder it had unpacked in my downloads folder, and brought it over to my desktop

I then went to (in finder) Devices-System-Library-Frameworks-JavaVM.framework-versions

I dragged the newly downloaded Java1.5.0 into the versions folder, at which point it asked me to 'authenticate' and then 'replace the older version of this file'.

I then found 'java preferences' (went back to spotlight and types 'java preferences' in, and on the bottom of the two list of Java versions (of which you should now have java1.6 32bit, java1.6 64bit, jave15.5 32bit, java1.5 32bit), the list entailing what your computer should use with programmes, I dragged 'java1.5 32bit' onto the top of the list

SPSS now works!

Hope that helps, Thanks so much dbmacdon - and thanks to Nick as well- that would have been my next step if this hadn't worked [From SPSS on Snow leopard]